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Welcome to exciting world of magic - world of beautiful illusions, art, fun, tricks, emotions...

The website you just entered is perfect for anybody who wants see great performances and also learn magic in very simple, entertaining and easy to understand way.

Have you ever wanted to learn magic tricks?

Then you're on right place - this website will show you how to do the best card trick, coin tricks, ring tricks, rope tricks, money tricks or even very secret stage tricks and much more!
All magic tricks are explained visually in very easy to understand way - without any words - so anybody that anybody from anywhere in the world can undrestand the principle and how the trick is done.

How to learn magic?

Our tutorials will explain you how the tricks are done - some of them are very easy and requires no special equipment or magic gimmics so you'll be able to lern and perform them very fast and any time, anywhere.
Some of the tricks will be however very advanced and you'll need to spend hours practicing the handling, moves and presentation.
Learning magic in general requires patience - even if the trick is very easy to do, you still should spend time practicing it so you're confident enough to perform it in front of other people.
You should go thru easy trick or magic routine multiple times - perfect handling, say out loud what you'll say during the trick to audience and if possible try to perform in fron of mirror or to your closest friends or family that can tell you honestly what they would improve or if they spot any move that was not performed perfectly.

Learning magic - sum up

Learning magic requires time - practice makes it perfect. Repeat the trick over and over until you're confident with handling and presentation.

TOP 10 - Best magic tricks

Our website is great versatile source for learning any type of magic - whether you search for tutorials for card tricks, coin tricks, stage tricks, tricks with money, bank notes, tricks with water or milk, ring tricks or even dove magic tricks - all can be found here.


What is the skill level of tricks on this page?

Many tricks you'll find in tutorials on our website are very easy and they can be performed even by beginners.
On the other hand, many tricks are on intermediate or advanced level so you'll need to spend more time with practice and preparation.

What is so special about your site?

Tutorials on our website are designed to be understood by anybody in the world as there are no words used to expain the tricks - everything is shown visually.
We hope you'll enjoy tutorials on this website and that you'll learn a lot of new magic tricks that you'll perform to your friends, family, random spectators or even on professional level.