Card magic tricks

Card tricks are so great - you can have just one deck of playing cards in your pocket and you can perform hundreds of magic tricks and amaze your friends, family, colleagues, or random people on the street.

Learn best card tricks

Our easy to understand tutorials will teach you a huge variety of card tricks - it does not matter if you're a beginner or advanced magician - you'll find here tutorials for magic tricks that you'll like and that you'll add to your repertoire and perform them over and over again.

Card magic trick tutorials

Our instructional tutorials will reveal the secret of each trick to you.
All tutorials are filmed with attention to detail and will provide you everything you need to know to learn the tricks.

How to learn card magic

Our tutorial videos are easy to follow and understand - you'll always see performance first and the detailed tutorial that will reveal you the secret and how to perform each trick step by step.
Some magic tricks are easy to do, suitable for beginners and so you can perform them without long training.
On the other hand, some magic tricks with cards you'll find here are on an advanced level and you will for sure need to spend time with training all necessary moves, sleights, and sometimes audience management.
We recommend training magic tricks that are on higher skill level first step by step - learn first all necessary moves and sleights, then combine them with the presentation, prepare what you'll be saying during the performance, and train in front of the mirror.
To build more confidence you can also try filming yourself on video or show the trick to your good friend first and ask him for feedback.
Important is to be confident during your card magic performance - you should know what to do, remember the pattern, remember what to say, be relaxed and what is most important - you need to have a good feeling and enjoy the card magic performance as well!

You can learn here more than 100 card tricks -  enjoy tutorials you'll find on this site - amaze your friends and family or anybody else!