Money magic tricks

Learn best magic tricks with money!
Have you ever wondered how do to amazing tricks with money?
How to magically change one banknote into another, how to make money appear or disappear, how to torn and restore or penetrate money with pen without any damage, how money printing machine trick works, how to levitate banknotes or manipulate with them only with power of your mind?
You'll learn all those tricks and much more right here and right now!

Learn best money magic tricks!

Money magic tricks are great and very organic because you use objects that are very familiar to audience and many tricks that you'll learn does not require any preparation!
Some tricks are very easy and suitable also for beginners, some tricks are on more advanced level so you'll need to practice them a lot to gain confidence, some tricks may require a gimmick to be made.

Easy to understand tutorials

No matter of your skill level, you're now on right place to learn amazing money magic tricks - our instructional video tutorials will reveal all secrets to you and guide you thru all tricks step by step!
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